• We identify residential plots of land which have the potential for further housing development.
  • The owner of the land is contacted by letter, introducing Landen Maple Homes and the potential for development of their land. It is then left to the individual to make contact if he or she is interested in finding out more.
  • If they are we will conduct a free site appraisal and cost analysis to determine if it is a viable proposal. If not, we will sadly part company with no loss to either party.
  • If our appraisal proves positive, we will make an offer to purchase and enter into an option agreement, subject to the relevant Planning Approval. We will apply for that Approval at our own cost and if planning is granted we buy the land from you within an agreed period of time and for an agreed value. If for any reason the planning is not approved or the purchase cannot proceed then we pay you a fee, as a thank you for allowing us the opportunity.

If you are browsing our site for the first time and you think you may have land with potential then please contact us as soon as possible to find out for sure. info@lmhomes.co.uk