Everyone realizes by now that there is a shortage of land for housing on our little island. We don’t want to build on the countryside if we can help it so our only option is to develop on ‘brown’ sites or within existing residential areas with a low density.

This is where we come in. We have discovered that there are many houses around the country with large plots that can be used for development. Some people are aware of this potential within their property and some are not. We can help those people to release this ‘hidden equity’, increase the value of their estate and help towards the housing need.

Our team comprises of specialist Architects and Planners who ensure that every plot of land we work with has the best possible chance of development.

We are primarily based in Berkshire where the challenge of retaining beautiful countryside and meeting the enormous demand for housing has given us the experience to work sensitively in communities and provide our clients with absolute peace of mind. The team that makes it all become reality is:

Pandora Maple – Director
Tony Derrett RIBA – Planning and Design
Liz Falconar – Finance
Clive Maple Bsc (Hons) – Land Agent
Richard Maple – Admin and Resource